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One of my favorite things about blogging is getting to share my love of local businesses and products. Are you looking for ways to highlight or promote your business or event? A new product you are trying to get some attention to? There are several ways you could partner with Simple Local Life.

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Blog posts, ad space, social media shares, giveaway contests, etc are some of the many ways we could work together to help you reach your audience.

“We were pleased that Jennifer found our little cafe, if only by accident, she shared her love of our cozy space on her blog complete with beautiful photos. It was amazing the traffic that our social media page received thanks to the Simple Local Life focus on the cafe, not to mention the customers who were inspired to check us out. We can’t thank Jennifer enough for sharing our passion with her audience and helping local business grow!”
Bernice Therioult

“Thank you for coming on Saturday your talk was great; informative, interesting and real. I had a lot of positive feedback from everyone. Thank you for speaking and thank you for supporting Feed Nova Scotia. Thanks again so much. You have inspired me and all who listened.”
Laurel Cote- Healthy Happy You 2017 Organizer

“If you’re looking for a positive way to enhance your business through social media, Simple Local Life is a must. Thorough, well written and honest, Jen is lovely to sit and chat with and has a way of pulling together the details that makes her readers respond. Not only did my business increase immensely, I also got an interview on two radio stations, all in response to Simple Local Life’s write up.”
Lisa Learning Ali, Atlantick

If you are interested in collaborating, please send an email to jennifernaugler5@gmail.com Lets work together!