Updating a Yard Sale find with Fat Paint

Oh my…I love a good yard sale. I haven’t been to very many this year, but stopped recently at one knowing we have a little project that is going to require some furniture.  With a small amount of cash, and anticipation with what might be out there, I headed out.

I only made two stops that day as the first one was so successful! It was at my second stop that I spotted this sturdy little wooden night table for sale. A few scratches on the top, but in relatively good condition, I happily paid the $4.00 (!) and went on my way.

Once I got it home I gave a little sand and clean, and then my daughter and I decided on a paint color. I love FAT Paint, after being introduced to it at an ECM Workshop. We finally decided on using “Indigo” and got to work.

We put two coats of FAT Paint on and then after it was dried we applied a clear Top Coat. What I love about FAT Paint projects is how quick they are. We spent maybe 90 minutes from start to finish. For a $4.00 investment, we were pretty happy with how it turned out.

Looks good with another one of my weekend yard sale treasures!

What is more fun than turning a bargain into something beautiful and useful! Be sure to check out some other ECM Media bloggers in our Flea Market Furniture Flips blog hop. Just click on the links to see some other transformations. Maybe you’ll be inspired! Have you ever “flipped” a yard sale find? Do you go looking for things you can re-purpose and reuse? Leave a comment and let me know your favorite thing to find at a yard sale.


    1. I am NOT a DIY person, so if I can successfully use FAT Paint…anyone can! 😉 Give it a try…it’s pretty fun….and so easy to use and transform something.

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