Simple Iced Coffee

It’s no secret. I love coffee. Delicious, strong brewed coffee. I drink several cups in the morning and an occasional cup in the afternoon or early evening. If I ever get a tattoo, it may read “Coffee is Life”…or…you know… my kids names. 😉 Are you getting the picture? So it only makes sense that this time of year, I also enjoy a nice glass of iced coffee.

In the summertime when the afternoon sun is shining, and I am feeling like something a little cool to sip on, what could be better than iced coffee? This simple recipe is easy to make and delicious. You can make a big batch of strong brewed coffee ahead, store it in jars in the fridge, and you’re all set!

I like Laughing Whale Coffee, which is roasted right here in Lunenburg, and for this recipe I used their Morning Mantra. I’m sure any of their beans would be just as delicious and I’m going to pick up a bag of their dark roast next time to try. Laughing Whale Coffee is available at various Sobey’s stores, the Lunenburg Farmer’s Market, Shop on the Corner, Rosebay General Store, and the Chester and Mahone Bay Save Easy. You can also check out their “where to buy” for options across the Maritimes and beyond.

Simple Iced Coffee
Recipe type: Beverage
Prep time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 1-2 cups
Delicious iced coffee you can make at home!
  • Strong brewed coffee- chilled in fridge
  • 2-3 tbsp cream or milk
  • sugar to taste (optional)
  • ice
  1. Brew some extra strong coffee
  2. Let cool and store in fridge in a jar
  3. Fill glass with ice
  4. Pour cold coffee over ice
  5. Add some cream or milk and sugar to taste
  6. Enjoy!


I brew a batch of coffee using my French Press, to keep in the fridge for my iced coffee, but I also add any leftover coffee to the jar as time goes on. Keeps you in steady supply of chilled coffee ready to be made into a delicious and simple iced coffee. Just like regular coffee, you are really making this to your own preference. I like a little cream and sugar in mine, but you may prefer it without.

We can watch our YouTube video showing the steps as well…and subscribe to our channel so you don’t miss anything. 🙂

Do you drink iced coffee? Have you ever made your own at home? Leave a comment and let me know. 🙂


  1. Hey there,
    Great idea 🙂 on making it at home 🙂
    I was wondering would “flavoured coffee work ” I buy me coffee beans as second cup and I get the hazelnut coffee beans ?

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