Meal Planning Made Easy with Sam’s No Frills- September 22

So today is the first day of fall, but our weather this week has been pretty summer-like, with warm temperatures and unending humidity. I feel like my kitchen is still in summer mode, but Sunday Dinners and more comfort type foods are starting to creep back in. One day I’m firing up the barbecue and the next I’m cooking a big ham dinner. That’s September and that’s how this weeks meal plan from Sam’s No Frills is playing out. 🙂

Here’s what we’re having this week:

Baked Ham, Carrots and Mashed Potatoes

Ham and Cheese Frittata

Barbecued Chicken and Potato Salad

Beef Stir Fry with Rice

Subs with Sliced Cucumber

Here’s what I bought:

Armstrong Marble Cheese- $3.97
1 dozen large Eggs- $3.57
No Name Oriental Frozen Mixed Vegetables- $2.29
3 lbs Carrots- $2.27
10 lbs Potatoes- $4.97
Onions- $2.67
2 English Cucumbers- ($0.97)$1.94
2 packs Chicken Drumsticks- ($1.77 lb) $7.11
Beef Stir Fry Strips- ($7.47 lb) $5.83
Cooks Portion Ham- ($1.47 lb)$10.34
Sub Buns- $2.99
Chris Brothers Deli Meat- $2.97

Total Spent: $50.92

A few notes about this weeks meal plan:

*When I cook a bigger cut of meat like a Ham portion, then I plan at least one other meal with that meat. So I am using the ham again in the Frittata.

*Likewise the eggs in the Frittata then will also be used in the Potato Salad, and the Potatoes will also be used in at least 2 meals

*Usually when I make stir fry I do a combination of frozen and fresh vegetables. I just saute the fresh vegetables first, remove them from the pan and add them back in at the end

*Several of the items on my meal plan are from the front page of the flyer. This is typically where the best deals of the week are (front and back, but especially the front)

So by using the flyer and shopping the sales I was able to plan 5 meals for this week for only $50.92! There are of course some staple items I have at home and some are still left from last weeks plan…like rice, mayonnaise, etc. The No Frills lower food prices means they provide lower food prices compared to full service grocery stores. I will bag my own groceries and skip the extras if it means I can save money each week when I am feeding my family. For someone with a lot of people to feed…that means everything! Thanks Sam’s No Frills! 🙂

Do you look at the flyer before you head out to the grocery store? Do you make a plan or wing it and then wonder what’s for supper that night? 😉 I’m really curious…let me know in the comments how you tackle meal time each week.

*This post is sponsored by Sam’s No Frills, but all opinions are my own.


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