Gow’s Home Hardware Recognizes Giving Back- July 2017

The South Shore is known for their volunteer spirit. In communities all across this area there are hundreds of people giving back in some way each and every week and making a difference in people’s lives. They are fire-fighting, teaching, entertaining, raising money, driving, cooking, serving and more. Volunteerism is a vital part to building and maintaining our healthy communities and healthy lives. Once a month we feature someone on the South Shore who is volunteering their time in some way to make our community and lives stronger.

Simple Local Life and Gow’s Home Hardware are proud to recognize this month’s “Giving Back” Recipient…Cheryl Foley from Conquerall Bank.

Souls Harbour Rescue Mission is a place where can people can take refuge in a safe, peaceful environment where acceptance is guaranteed. They provide nutritious meals for people who are struggling and need support.

This past week on July 11th, marked the 1 year anniversary of Souls Harbour opening it’s doors in Bridgewater, and Cheryl Foley was there volunteering…even before that. Cheryl would assist Vicky Sovie, who is now the administrator of Souls Harbour in Bridgewater, passing out soup and sandwiches out of the back of a van, before they secured a permanent space in town.

Cheryl’s desire to feed people who are hungry, started when she was young, as her father worked at a homeless shelter and she was often there with him. Building relationships is a big part of what keeps Cheryl volunteering each week at Souls Harbour. She see’s people “as they are” and recognizes that there are people who just need to feel loved.

Souls’s Harbour Rescue Mission in Bridgewater is located at 136 Pleasant Street. They accept food donations, but suggest you message or call ahead to see what the need is for that week. They also accept monetary donations to assist with the cost of providing warm meals.

Thank you Cheryl for all you do and for giving back to your community! 🙂

Founded in 1848, Gow’s has been serving the residents of Bridgewater as one of the oldest established businesses in the community. Gow’s Home Hardware is the proud sponsor of the “Giving Back” profile.

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