Getting Pampered at Origins of Beauty Spa and Salon

When I received an email inviting me to visit Origins of Beauty Spa and Salon and “indulge in a few services”, it only took me a few minutes to look at my pitiful feet and say…”Yes please!” In truth, I don’t spend a lot of time at spa’s and salons. In fact I joke that I used to spend more on my dog’s “spa” days than my own. However I do “try” to get a pedicure at the beginning of the summer, just so my feet look somewhat respectable as I am barefoot and mostly in Birkenstocks. I hadn’t stopped working or got out of the garden long enough to book one yet for this summer. Needless to say I was overdue.

More than my desperate feet needing attention, it was actually the well-written email that owner and entrepreneur Krystal Oickle sent, that ultimately convinced me I wanted to meet her and check out her spot. Krystal was born and raised right here in Lunenburg County. After graduating from Park View and taking Marketing and Business at NSCC Lunenburg, she continued her schooling with her focus on make-up and nail technology. Her ultimate goal was opening her own business, which she did on May 2 of this year. Did I mention Krystal is only 23!

Grace and I arrived at her salon and after getting a quick tour it wasn’t long before my feet were soaking and this was quickly turning into the best day of the week.

Don’t let this picture fool you…being a blogger is HARD WORK! 😉

It’s a good day when picking a color for your nails is the most stressful part. 😉

I explained to Krystal that my hands, especially during gardening season, are not really meant for a manicure, so my nail polish loving daughter was happy to take my place. There can be a lot of long days in the summer for a 14-year-old girl…this was not one of them. 😉 I was probably just as excited for her as I was for me. 🙂

This color was so perfect for Grace! Beautiful!

I was so impressed with Krystal’s ambition and attitude towards her new business. Watching many young people head out west in search of a better life, Krystal thinks others might be too quick to dismiss the benefits and advantages of working and living here in Lunenburg County. She knew she wanted to build a life right here at home.

I was so touched hearing about Krystal’s parents support of her during this time. During our chat she shared a story about when she struggling to find a space for her salon and wanting to give up, thinking her dream of owning her own place was never going to happen. Her dad said they were going to drive street by street until they found something. That “drive” ultimately led to the space she is in now. I love it! 🙂

We need young people like Krystal here on the South Shore, opening businesses and committed to making a life here. My pedicure was lovely, but chatting with Krystal was my favorite part. I left with pretty toes AND feeling inspired and motivated.

Origins of Beauty Spa and Salon is located at 10 Hillcrest Street in Bridgewater. Origins of Beauty is dedicated to providing modern beauty services (manicures, pedicures, gel nail enhancements and makeup applications). This is done through education, passion, and dedication to helping women transition their inner beauty outwards. You can book an appointment through their Facebook page or call (902) 530-2657.

Disclaimer- Origins of Beauty Spa and Salon provided me with complimentary services, but all opinions of the Spa and Salon are my own.