#Canada150 Recipe Round-Up

Our beautiful country is celebrating a pretty important milestone…she…it’s a “she” right?…is celebrating 150 years since Confederation. 2017 marks a significant moment in the History of Canada. 150 years ago, Quebec, Ontario, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia – united to create the Canadian Confederation, called the Dominion of Canada. For 150…she’s looking pretty darn sweet. 😉

East Coast Mom Media decided we also wanted to celebrate this great country of ours by doing a Blog hop all around the #Canada150 theme. At the bottom of this post you’ll find links to some other fantastic posts that I would encourage you to check out. 🙂

Canada Day is July 1st and sort of marks the prime time of summer. Celebrating Canada’s 150th sounds like the perfect reason to invite friends over for a barbecue and enjoy each others company. You want your food to be easy, some make ahead options, without too much fuss. I’ve rounded up some of the recipes I have featured here on Simple Local Life you might want to use for your own Canada 150 celebrations. Enjoy!


photo by Heidi Jirotka Photography

1. Blueberry Lemon Buttermilk Cake

Blueberry Lemon Buttermilk Cake makes a great choice with coffee in the morning, and afternoon snack or dessert with a little dollop of whipped cream. Blueberries and lemon just go so well together. Delicious!

2) Barbecued Chicken

What says summer more than a barbecue? Nothing! So fire up the grill and cook up some barbecued chicken and see everyone come running. 😉 Seriously….everyone loves barbecue chicken…except the vegetarians…and vegans…BUT…like….everyone else really loves it. 😉

3) Chickpea and Black Bean Summer Salad

Chickpea and Black Bean Summer Salad is great because it can be made ahead…even a day or two ahead! A perfect side dish to any summer food…and it’s pretty. 🙂

4) Classic Potato Salad

Any kind of Canada Day gathering needs some potato salad. This Classic Potato Salad recipe is the one my mom made when I was growing up…and still the one I make today. Some things from your 70’s childhood, never go out of style. 😉

5) Sunshine Salad

Sunshine Salad is another way to use up some fresh strawberries and have a delicious dessert option. A crowd favorite.

6) Rhubarb Bellini’s

What better way to celebrate summer and Canada…than with a Rhubarb Bellini. It takes no time at all to make a batch of Rhubarb Syrup and you have the base for a bubbly beverage. Just use club soda for a non-alcoholic version. Mix about one part syrup to 3 parts club soda. or about one part syrup to 4 parts sparkling wine, Champagne, or prosecco for a Rhubarb Bellini. You’ll feel accomplished…and fancy…using this spring/summer favorite from the garden.

7) M&M Cookies

It’s so nice to have a plate of cookies out anytime during a party or gathering. Kids love it…heck even the adults love it. A freshly baked homemade cookie, especially a hearty one filled with colorful M&M’s…or just red and white…will always be a hit and a nice way to finish off your party. M&M cookies are a party essential. 🙂

8) Simple Roasted Potatoes

Simple Roasted Potatoes go great with any summer meal you’re having. You can prepare them in the oven or use a grill pan and do them on the barbecue. Summer food should be easy and delicious…simple roasted potatoes are just that.

9) Pioneer Woman’s Best Ever Lasagna

If you like to have the work done ahead of time so you can actually sit and enjoy a party…why not make a tray or two of Pioneer Woman Lasagna? So good and filling and you can have all the mess and work done before anyone even arrives. Perfect!

10) Strawberry Bread

Early July is when strawberry fields are usually full of fresh, ripe strawberries. Go pick some that morning and make a quick loaf or two of Strawberry Bread…people will love it…and thank you…and ask for the recipe. (I speak from experience) A delicious way to make the most of one of summer’s delicious fruit.

Hoping you find some inspiration here to plan your Canada 150 celebrations! Parties in the summer time should be simple and easy and there are lots of options here to help you achieve that. So invite some friends over…fire up the barbecue…and toast this beautiful country of ours…Canada…we love you! xo

photo by Heidi Jirotka Photography

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